VPN Instructions

Here are the steps to connect to our VPN network from off campus and to browse to our network drives.

Windows 7 Instructions

Step 1: Type vpn in the search field under the Start menu. Click on set up a virtual private network connection.

Step 2: Type vpn.dawson.edu in the Internet address field. Type a name you would recognize later in the Destination name field. Ex: DCC VPN. Check the don’t connect now; just set it up so I can connect later box. Click Next.

Step 3: Type your regular username and password you use to login to your computer at work. Check the Remember this password box. Click Create.

Step 4: Your connection is ready to use, click the Close button.

Step 5: Click the internet icon in your system tray, you will now see the vpn you named. Click connect.

Step 6: Before we connect we need to change a few options under properties, go ahead and click Properties.

Step 7: Under the Type of Vpn drop down menu, choose the one that says Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec as shown above, then make sure to Check Unencrypted password (PAP) and Uncheck the other two boxes.

Step 8: Click the Advanced Settings button, then type dccvpn12 in the use pre-shared key for authentication field. Click OK. Then OK again.

Step 9: Now you are ready to connect to the VPN. Use the same username and password you use to login on campus. You won’t need to type in a password if you told it to remember your password in step 3. You can leave the domain field blank. Check Save this user name and password for the following users. Select Me only and click Connect.

Step 10: To Disconnect, click on the internet icon in the system try and click the Disconnect button.

Mac OSX Instructions

Step 1: Open System Preferences, click Network. Click the + button to create a new service.

Step 2: Select VPN as the interface type and choose L2TP over IPSec  from the drop down menu. Click Create.

Step 3: Type in vpn.dawson.edu in the Server Address. Enter your account name (same username you use to logon to your work computer). Click Authentication Settings.

Step 4: Type your password in (same password you use to logon to your work computer). Select Shared Secret and type dccvpn12. Click OK to go back to the main VPN settings page, then click Advanced.

Step 5: Under the Options tab, make sure to check Send all traffic over VPN connection. Click OK.

Step 6: First click Apply to save your changes, then click Connect. To disconnect click the same button.

How to browse the network drives
You will need to type in the actual path where these shares are located:

For the K Drive \\\netapps

For the Z Drive \\\class$

For the U Drive \\\staff$\username

Windows 7

Step 1: Click Start, type the above path for the desired drive.

Step 2: Hit Enter.

Step 1: Open Finder, click the Go menu, and choose Connect to Server…

Step 2: Enter one of the below addresses (in the form ‘smb://server/share’).

Step 3 (optional): To add a location to your favorite servers, click the + button.

Step 4: Click Connect.

K drive: smb://firefly/netapps

U drive: smb://firefly/staff$/marilyn_d

Z drive: smb://firefly/class$

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