Full Stack Web Development

The Full Stack Web Development program teaches in-demand coding technologies to help students land their dream job in the tech industry. Students earn a Full Stack Web Development Certificate and a Certificate of Technical Studies in Technical Skills.

The CTS Full Stack Web Development is an immersive program. Students spend all of their academic time working within the coding curriculum; general education credits are not required. The beginner-friendly software development tracks teach three of the most in-demand coding technologies in computer science - Python, React, and JavaScript - through conceptually-based and project-driven curriculum. The program also offers career services, including resume and job interview preparation and online job placement resources. 

Full Stack skills covered: 

  • HTML, CSS3, and SCSS
  • JavaScript and React.js
  • Python3
  • XML
  • JSON
  • MongoDB, SQL, and Redis
  • API Development
  • Command Line
  • Git

Career Options

Students who successfully complete the CTS Full Stack Web Development are prepared to work in web and software development, graphic design, and programming. Graduates from similar programs typically see an earning increase of, on average, up to $20,000.