Buccaneer Regatta

Boat Classes and Awards

Boat Classes

Buccaneers - Those who follow all the rules and make their mothers proud. These participants will compete for the 2019 Hollecker Lake Cardboard Cup.

Renegades - Those participants who can't seem to follow the rules will compete for the 2019 Hollecker Lake Cardboard Cheaters' Chalice. 

Swashbucklers - Kids age 5 through 11 years will participate on a specialized shortened, shallow-water course. Participation rather than competition will be emphasized, with a small prize for each contestant. 


  • Best Pirate Ship
  • Best-Dressed Team Award
  • Hollecker Lake Cardboard Cup - best time of the day earns the fame and glory of being named on the Cardboard Cup
  • Most Spectacular Sinking Award - sink and look good! Chances are, you will!
  • Most Creative Boat Theme Award - the boat that most creatively expresses a specific idea, an expression, a title, story or incident including movies, TV shows, books, poems, or children's stories
  • Most Attractive Boat Award - it just has to look good! 
  • Most Enthusiastic Crew Award - this can include boat crew and pit crew
  • The Kiddie Cup - every kid gets a prize ribbon! 
  • People's Choice-Youth
  • People's Choice-Adult