Buccaneer Regatta

Race Day

Parking signs will be posted as you enter Hollecker off of Sidney highway. 

Boat parking will be located along the shore across from the picnic area. Turn left as you come in to the Hollecker entrance to unload your boat. Parking will not be allowed on the shore side where boats are unloaded. Signs will be posted. 

Boat unloading will begin at 8 a.m., Saturday, September 7 and must be completed by 9 a.m. Our Boat Unloading Crew will assist you. In order to create a safe and orderly area, all vehicles and trailers will be removed from the loading area to adjacent parking areas. Also remember we must leave lanes clear for safety vehicles. 

At 9 a.m., the Concourse de Cardboard will be open for public display and voting. The public will be voting on People's Choice (Youth and Adult). Please feel free to decorate your area and display your boat so that the public can view your boat in all its glory. Bribing the public is not only allowed, but encouraged. 

Coast Guard-approved life jackets must be worn by all crew members when in the boat. You should bring your own Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Please remember everything you bring in must be taken back out, and your loading area must be left clean. After the Regatta, you must remove all pieces of  your boat from the water, shoreline, and park area. 

Please note that photographs taken during the Regatta may be used in promotional materials. 

Clean Up

Make sure you have enough crew members to remove your boat from the water at the finish line. Wet cardboard is very heavy. Dumpsters are provided. 

If your boat comes apart at the seams, make sure to remove all boat materials from the lake before you leave and clean your boat display area. 

Safety comes first with no exceptions to this rule. Cardboard boat races are for recreational entertainment, creativity, and amusement for spectators and boaters alike. To remain safe and qualify for the races and prizes, participants must wear a proper life jacket, remain in the boat, and stay visible to judges throughout the duration of the race. No cover is permitted on the boat, as it blocks passengers from view. Strive for safety and creativity in designing and constructing your cardboard boat. Follow the competition rules and guidelines. Most importantly, have fun.