DCC Athletics COVID-19 Protocol Executive Summary


Membership on an athletic team at Dawson Community College is a privilege and a choice. In order to maintain membership, student athletes are expected to abide by all DCC policies, including safety requirements, as well as state and federal laws, and CDC guidelines. In keeping with the mission of Dawson Community College, we are committed to keeping our student-athletes safe and healthy during this current pandemic by closely monitoring coronavirus developments.

Overarching themes of the athletics plan are as follows:

  • daily health screening
  • daily temperature checks
  • educational programs about COVID-19
  • communication of student-athletes with coaches if they have any symptoms
  • cooperation with any mandatory/voluntary COVID testing
  • adaptations of training to allow for social distancing
  • limitations on the amount of time athletes are in close proximity
  • disinfecting equipment and practicing good personal hygiene