Dawson Community College 1st Annual Buccaneer Regatta


Boxes will transform into boats at Dawson Community College’s first annual Buccaneer Regatta at Hollecker Lake on Saturday, August 27. The free community event sponsored by DCC and the Dawson College Foundation will pit creatively crafted cardboard boats against each other in a series of races.

According to the race rules, the cardboard boat regatta challenges amateur boat builders to design, build and navigate boats made entirely of corrugated cardboard.

Along with crews of builders and sailors from DCC, the general public is also invited to fashion a vessel and try their luck. Along with awards for winning the race, prizes will also be given for People’s Choice, Best Dressed, Most Spectacular Sinking, and more.

“The DCC Buccaneer Regatta is a fun-enjoy yourself, have a good time-race. Therefore, no matter how fast, slow, big, small, sensible, or outrageous your boat is, the first rule is that the boat designers, builders, racers, and supporters have fun. The race is open to everyone,” said Vice President Kathleen Zander.

All boats must be built of corrugated cardboard.  Other acceptable materials are duct tape, glue, caulking and paint.  No cardboard and wood, no cardboard and plastic, no cardboard and metal. The only exceptions are the oars. These exceptions are not considered part of the boat and can be made of materials other than cardboard.  All boats must be human-powered. No motors.

            Starting with registration at 8 a.m. on Saturday, the competition will kick off at 9:30 a.m. with the Concourse de Cardboard for public display and voting.  The public will be voting on People’s Choice.  Contestants are encouraged to decorate their area and display their boats.

Races will begin at 10:30 a.m. and awards will be given after all the boats have run.

Even if members of the community do not want to race in a cardboard boat, they are still encouraged to stop by Hollecker Lake and see the fun. The Dawson College Foundation will provide a free lunch to the community and Coca Cola Bottling Co. will provide free beverages.

To get more information or register for the event, pick up an entry packet at DCC, go online to Dawson.edu, or call 406-377-3396. Contestants can register the day of the event (pre-registration is encouraged).

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