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Responses to Questions at Open Discussion

Preface to responses from our open discussion: There seemed to be an underlying assumption that DCC isn’t “playing fair” with the proposed reductions in force of staff, and proposed faculty reductions.  We aren’t claiming that either the environment in which

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Recently we had a public meeting to get our proposals and the supporting data out to you, our supporting community.  At first I intended to take written questions, because I didn’t know how much time we could devote to answering

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com·mu·ni·ty kəˈmyo͞onədē/ noun 1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. 2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Thank you to

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What is regression?  Regression is actually a shortened term for the phrase “regression toward the mean.”  This is a statistical concept that describes a common phenomenon, across all areas of life, in which performance or results tend to “balance out”

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FALL 2015 Orientation

Dawson Community College is excited to host FALL 2015 ORIENTATION, Monday – Tuesday, August 24-25. One of the most exciting journeys of one’s life is their college experience. Our administration, faculty, staff and students look forward to meeting our New

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Fall 2015 Online Classes Start August 31

Dawson Community College Online Classes start August 31. Our online courses are designed and developed through CCCOnline faculty in accordance with the best practices that emphasize communication, collaboration, and engagement. Whether you are interested in working toward a career-enhancing degree, upgrading your

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Exciting times abound at DCC!  We are entering into our 75th year of service to the community.  We will host a series of events over the next year to show our appreciation to you, the community that has supported and

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New Initiative From The Interim President

Hello to the Dawson community.  This is a new initiative that I am undertaking as your interim president.  I will begin writing to you, the community, directly.  Dawson Community College (DCC) is experiencing profound change.  With change, there seems to be mixed

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QuickBooks for Beginners

Dawson Community College Workforce Development and Continuing Education is offering QuickBooks for Beginners on August 4 and 5, 2015, from 6 to 9 PM. To get a course description and register, please click here.

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Fall 2015 Online Classes Registration Open

Dawson Community College has officially opened the FALL 2015 ONLINE CLASSES REGISTRATION. Dawson Community College, in consortium with 13 other colleges within the Colorado Community College system, offers a variety of classes that fit into the various programs that we

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