Institutional Testing

Institutional Test Center Guidelines for Students

Appointments for Tests are REQUIRED

Please review the following procedures prior to using testing facilities. By making an appointment for proctoring services, you are verifying that you have read and understand the procedures. You are responsible to communicate all changes in your testing schedule to your instructor PRIOR to taking your test.

·       You are required to have instructor permission before scheduling your appointment.

·       You are required to know and provide the Testing Center staff with the allotted time for your test.

·       Test Appointment MUST be scheduled 2 business days in advance for quizzes and tests, Finals week MUST be scheduled 1 week in advance. No exceptions. Business Days do NOT include Sat/Sun.

·       Last available appointment time is 2 hours before closing.

·       All tests must be completed and turned into the proctor by end of scheduled testing time, no exceptions.

·       Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Pay in the Main Office. Test in Main Hall Rm 020.

·       Exams begin and end on time. You will not be given additional time to complete your exam.

·       If you arrive 15 minutes late, you are considered a “No Show” and will not be allowed to test. Your exam will be returned to your instructor and you are responsible for making alternative arrangements with your instructor.

·       Be prepared to show VALID photo ID to test. Ex: State issued ID or driver’s license, passport, or military ID.

·       Students requesting accommodated testing must, in addition to the proper identification listed above, bring documentation from Disabilities Services. If you are requesting a reader, proofreader, or scribe, a 1 week notice is required.

·       You are not permitted to leave the Testing Center once an exam has started unless your instructor has given WRITTEN approval prior to test time.

·       No Food or Drink is allowed in the Testing Center.

·       No personal items are allowed in the Testing Center and all personal items brought to the testing area will be stored in a secure location. These items include, but are not limited to: cell phones, smart watches, wallets, purses, backpacks, iPods, MP3 Players, outerwear, laptops, tablets, and outside/personal scratch paper.

·       Calculators, pencil, and scratch paper are provided with WRITTEN approval from Instructor and will be collected at the end of the scheduled test time.

·       No persons, including children, other than the student and no pets are allowed in the testing area. Service animals are permitted.

·       Academic honesty and integrity are integral to our mission at the Testing Center and at Dawson Community College. Any student observed using unauthorized materials or resources during an exam will be reported to the Instructor. The Testing Center reserves the right to stop an exam at any time if academic dishonesty is witnessed and your Instructor will be notified.

·       If you need to reschedule your exam you may do so by using the link in your original confirmation email, by sending an email to, by calling ONLY 406 377-9448.

·       When emailing, or leaving a voicemail, you will need to provide your full name, phone number, email, course name and number, Instructors name, and two dates/times that you would be available to test.

Anti-Discrimination Policy