Montana Power Grant Initiative for Displaced Coal Workers

Collaboration continues with MT American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Union Council (AFL-CIO) to help serve Layoff Aversion Funds through the Montana Power Grant, and DCC WDCE staff have been involved in outreach with Rosebud County, particularly Colstrip. An additional 23 affected counties have been contacted in an effort to provide education and training opportunities for dislocated workers. Affected workers in Colstrip have participated in EMT Training and enrolled in DCC’s Dawson Software School. The Colstrip community remains in contact with DCC regarding other educational opportunities.

For more information or questions about the Montana Power Grant Initiative for Displaced Coal Workers, contact the Director of Workforce and Continuing Education, Sara Engle at 406-377-9441 or email

The use of Lay Off Aversion funding is no longer available, however with this DCC has helped 29 individuals upgrade their skills for preparation of potential layoffs.  These skills were Full Stack Web Development program; EMT certifications; and Intro to Welding 25-hour course. Currently the funding available until expiration of the grant on 12/31/2020 is to fund anyone who experiences a lay off due to the downturn in the coal industry.  This funding is to help with occupational and skill upgrades, educational certifications and degrees, and supportive services to re-enter into the workforce.