Warm up for the spring semester with a winter session class from DCC! Catch up on credits, increase GPA for eligibility purposes, or get ahead in preparation for spring with Winter Intersession at Dawson Community College. All winter session classes are offered fully online.

Courses Offered:

  • CAPP 131 - Basic MS Office


    Additional Info: This course provides an overview of the Microsoft Office Suite of applications including Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Students will also learn to use the Internet/ World Wide Web as a business tool. This course counts toward Core IV Computer Applications requirements.

  • PSYX 100 - Introduction to Psychology


    Additional Information: This course is an introduction to the methods of study in psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience, including an overview of physiological aspects of behavior, sensation, perception, research methodology, statistics, learning principles, motivation, intelligence, cognition, abnormal behavior, personality, therapy, and social psychology. This course counts toward Core III Social Science and History requirements.

  • COMX 115 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication


    Instructor: Shaylee Hance

    Additional Info: This course attempts to develop an awareness of, and insight into, the choices made by participants in face-to-face, non-public, human communication. Experiential exercises encourage the student to apply this understanding, and to use it in interpreting his/her own and other people’s attempts at communication. This course counts toward Core I Communications requirements.

  • BMGT 237 - Human Relations In Business


    Instructor: Suela Cela

    Additional Information: The study of the interaction of people in work and life situations is the focus of this course. The course will acquaint the student with organizational issues, the ability to work with people and how to deal with problems rationally. The course also deals with how to develop a greater sensitivity toward behavioral patterns, distinct ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

  • NASX105 - Intro to Native American Studies


    Additional Info: This course presents a general overview of Native American history from the prehistoric period through the 20th century. The course emphasizes socio-cultural, religious, environmental and gender themes as well as important political and economic forces that shape American Indian life.

  • LIT 291 - Special Topics: Fairy Tales


    Additional Info: 

Students new to DCC will need to complete an Application for Admission. 

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Current students should work with their advisor to register for a Winter Session course.

All students can register for courses by emailing online@dawson.edu or calling our Admissions office at 406-377-9400

Winter Intersession FAQs

  • What kind of commitment can I expect?

    We want you to understand that, at three weeks long, these will be intense courses. In a typical 15-week, semester-long, 3-credit course, you would be expected to spend three hours a week in class with an additional two to three hours outside of class totaling approximately 75 to 112 hours. For a three-week course, you could expect to spend approximately 25 hours per week to meet the minimum recommended hours. 

  • How much will the course cost?

    Winter Intersession courses are charged at the same per credit rate as DCC's regular semester on-campus courses.

    Winter Session Cost

    Intersession courses count towards the student's Fall 2021 semester credit load. For example, current DCC students taking 3 credits over Intersession and 12 credits during Fall 2021 semester will have 15 credits on their transcript for Fall 2021 and will be charged tuition according to that number.

    Payment is Due at registration.


    Kristin Bilbrey - Accounts Receivable Assistant

    Phone: 406-377-9423

    Email: kbilbrey@dawson.edu

  • Is Intersession eligible for financial aid?

    Contact DCC's Financial Aid office at 406-377-9410 or jbeach@dawson.edu for questions about financial aid.

  • What are the important dates and deadlines for Intersession?

    Important dates

    Payment is due at the time of Registration for enrollment to take place.

    December 6, 2021 -- Classes start

    December 9, 2021 -- Last day to Add or Drop with Refund/ Drop for Nonpayment (3 pm MST)

    December 10, 2021 -- Automatic drop for nonparticipation (11:59 pm)

    December 17, 2021-- Last day to Withdrawl

    December 24, 2021-- Last day of class

    To drop or withdraw, email vboysun@dawson.edu.

  • How do I login to class?

    Winter Intersession courses are offered through Moodle, DCC's online classroom platform. 

    New students will receive an email with their login details, including their username and password.

    To login to Moodle, your username is your last name, first initial, and the last three digits of your D16# (example: smithj123). If you do not know your Moodle password, please contact the IT Department at help@dawson.edu

    Student information, including registration and grades, can be accessed through MyInfo.

  • What should I do if I experience technical issues?

    Please contact DCC's IT Department at help@dawson.edu

  • Can I take more than 6 credits?

    Winter Session is an opportunity to get extra credits for college in a very short amount of time—taking the max credits of six is putting you at approximately 45 hours a week. With that kind of workload, we do not advise students to take more than six credits—if you choose to appeal this in order to take nine credits, you must have the following:

    • Provide an explanation as to why you need to take that many credits.
    • Provide a letter of recommendation of support for this decision from an Academic Advisor. --Must be on official letterhead of college you are currently attending
    • Upon receiving the above requirements, you still can only take a max of nine credits.

    All required information must be received before December 3rd, 2021—no exceptions in order to start class on December 6th, 2021.

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