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Contact UsStarting March 15, 2017 – all non-degree seeking online students will be charged a $30 Application Processing Fee when applying to take classes with Dawson Community College!


Spring 2018  Semester REGISTRATION opens October 23rd!

Summer 2018
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Please read over these important dates for Spring 2018 Classes:


 SPRING 2018  
 REGISTRATION Begins  Oct 23, 2017
 Classes Begin  January 22, 2018
 Last Day to ADD a Course  January 24, 2018
 Last Day to PAY TUITION  January 30, 2018
 Last Day to DROP a Course  February 6, 2018
 Last Day to WITHDRAW  April 16, 2018
 Last Day of Class  May 5, 2018

Welcome to the Dawson Community College Online Education page. Dawson Community College Online courses are designed and developed in accordance with best practices to emphasize communication, collaboration, and engagement. Whether you are interested in working towards a career-enhancing degree, upgrading your job skills, or expanding your intellectual horizons, Dawson Community College offers the convenience and flexibility of earning college credit from anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on offering individual attention and guidance to make your education more meaningful. Your online courses are completely accessible online. Whether you are working on an assignment, conducting independent research or joining in on a class discussion, you can participate in your class anytime, anywhere.


We are here for you! We care about your academic success and are dedicated to providing you with the support and services you need to succeed. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

To login to classes that you are already enrolled in for the current semester, go to

Apply for Admissions

Step 1. Apply for Admission and Financial Aid

  • Apply Online If you are seeking a degree through us, you will receive a letter in the mail and an email with your student identification information and with further admission requirements based on the type of student you have selected. If you are a non-degree seeking student, you will only receive an email with your student identification information.
  • If you are degree seeking, you may qualify for financial aid. You can apply for financial aid here:
Enroll In Classes

Step 2. Enroll in classes (Upon application, you will receive an email with your personal online student identification number (D0000XXXX), your online password, and the link to enroll for your desired class) Step 3. Degree Seeking students will be assigned an academic adviser.                                             library-faq-thumb

  • AA or AS Degree
    Christina DiGangi 406- 377-9415 / email
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement 
    Holly Dershem-Bruce 406-377-9432 /email
  • Early Childhood Education
    Brenda Stockert 406-377-9463 / email
  • Business Management
    Teri Dwyer 406-377-9409 / email
  • Dawson Community College requires that all degree seeking students take the Compass Placement test.
    • Contact Jane Wynne at 406-377-9448 or by email.
    • Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
    • Fee Payment
      • Contact DCC Business Office by phone 406-377-9423
      • Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Here is a list of all CCCOnline Courses that are offered at DCC for FALL 2017.

Important Dates to Remember:

Registration Begins  June 26, 2017 8:00:00 AM MST
Classes Begin August 28, 2017 12:01:00 AM MST
Last Day to Add a Course August 30, 2017 12:00:00 PM MST
Fee Payment Day/Last Day to be Reimbursed  September 6, 2017 4:30:00 PM MST
Last Day to Drop a Course September 12, 2017 4:30:00 PM MST
Last Day to Withdraw from a Course November 20, 2017 4:30:00 PM MST
Classes End December 9, 2017 11:59:00 PM MST


Online Degree Programs

If you are wanting to complete your degree fully online or thinking of transferring to a four-year institution, DCC Online can provide you with quality programs to fit your needs.


Associate of Arts Plan of Study

Associate of Science Plan of Study

Business Management

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice

How much will online classes cost?

There is a flat per credit fee of $185 for each credit you take, with a $35 non-refundable handling fee.  This cost does not include textbooks or other supplies.

Several courses now have a digital content fee, which replaces the need to have to order a physical book. 

Books and lab fees


Prior to classes starting, you will need to order your course materials so you will be ready on the first day of class.

See what materials you need

Cost of textbooks vary depending on the course(s). Several courses now have a digital content fee (typically that fee is $76 per applicable class), which replaces the need to have a physical book. The content fee is added to the tuition and for those courses. The same is true for lab kits. Lab kit fees are now added to your tuition so you will be sent the kit when you register and pay for the course.

For courses that do not have a digital content fee, you will need to order your book. You can order books online through Pikes Peak Community College (the DCC Bookstore does not carry CCCOnline materials).

Regardless of financial aid, books MUST be purchased with a credit or debit card online ONLY.



1. How much does it cost?

Each credit is $185 with a non-refundable $35 per course fee.  There is no differential tuition based on residency.

2. Can I get financial aid?

Yes, online classes are eligible for financial aid (FAFSA) but not for DCC scholarships, tuition waivers, or other discounts.  Financial aid can take up to six weeks to process so if you are planning on applying, do so early.

3. How do I order my books? Several of the courses now have a digital content fee that is built into the course. This means this will be included in your tuition and you will not have to buy a hard copy of the book. If the book is digital content, it will be there once you login to your class.

4. How and where do I pay?

Payment in full is typically due by the last day to add a class, but the payment fee due date will be posted on the website. For Fall 2017 courses, payment is due by September 6th at 4:30PM MST. Payment can be made through the DCC Business Office at (406) 377-9423.

5.Who do I talk to about what classes to take?

If you are degree seeking, you will be assigned an academic advisor to work with you on your educational plans.  If you are non degree seeking, you can visit with one of our advisors:

6. Do I have to take a placement test?

Classes requiring pre-requisite scores will need a placement test. Contact Tiffaney Egan to find out more information on the placement test.

7.  Do I have to know a lot about computers to take an online class?

Online courses use technology for teaching and communication. You will need to be comfortable with email, uploading and downloading files, converting files to other formats if necessary and reading content online. Many online courses use online digital content instead of traditional textbooks.

8. Do I have to log on at a certain time?

No, online courses are asynchronous (meaning you can log on at any time). However, you do need to submit coursework (assignments, exams, etc.) by the due dates indicated by the instructor within the course. Courses are NOT self-paced or independent learning!

9. How do lab courses work online?

The science courses do not require attendance at a local campus for laboratory work. Some courses, including biology, chemistry, and geology make use of laboratory kits, which students are required to purchase along with texts. Other courses may use “virtual labs” and some courses may also require special supplements such as Thinkwell disks or CDs. Lab assignments, when required, are performed in the home or outdoors.

Virtual Labs
The student interacts with a sophisticated program in which she or he instructs the program to perform certain sequences of events, which the student can watch on the screen as though they are taking place in a laboratory. Experiments done, for example, in a physics virtual lab can have far more impact on the student than working in a “real” lab. The consequences of error can be strikingly portrayed on the screen, without the risk of injury, making such labs potent learning tools.

10. Do I need to apply if I am only taking one class?

Yes, all students need to apply.  Admission applications must be on file by the first day of classes or you will not be able to register for that term. Please apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student.

11. Do I have to send my immunization records if I am taking online classes?

No, however, your account will be placed on hold every semester without proof of two vaccinations against measles and rubella.

12. Is tutoring online available?

Yes, 24×7 web-based tutoring services are available through Brainfuse. This service supplements our existing academic support services by offering real-time online tutoring and homework help for core courses and skills 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Brainfuse is not an answering or proofreading/editing service. Students can access live tutorials in writing across many subjects, including math, accounting, business, statistics and economics, science, world languages, English, and social sciences. In addition, students can submit writing projects to the Brainfuse Center.

13. Who do I go to if I am having technical difficulties?

Password and login difficulties contact DCC online.

Difficulties inside your class contact CCC online.

14.How much time do I have to spend online?

As a general rule, expect to spend at least 2.5 to 3 hours per credit each week in your courses.  For a 3-credit course, this means you should plan to spend approximately 9 hours studying and participating online each week.  You should plan to spend approximately 12 hours per week for a 4-credit course and approximately 15 hours per week for a 5-credit course.  These study estimates are approximations and you may need to spend more time than is suggested.

15. Why do I have a ā€˜Dā€™ username instead of an ā€˜Sā€™ username as indicated on the log in screen?

Dawson Community College students are issued a D username that begins in the format (D0000#).  This D username is different from the student ID issued to you as a DCC student.  That number will begin with D16 and is used only on the website. The D000000 username is to be used to login to

16.  How do I drop an online course?

Send an email to [email protected] with your username, the course and the reasons why you are dropping it. This MUST be done by the last day to drop; however, you will not be reimbursed if you drop after the last day for reimbursement. If you drop the course after the last day to drop, you will have a W (withdrawal) on your transcript from DCC.

17.  How do I sign in to my class?

Sign in at the top of this page where it says CCCOnline login or type

18. Why do I have two different student numbers, a D16# and a D0000#?

Every student, regardless if they are online or on-campus, is given a Student ID, which is the D16#, to login to their MyInfo so that they can see their grades, view their unofficial transcripts, and other things related to their personal information. To login to your MyInfo, you will need your D16#, and your PIN is your birth date in this format, MMDDYY. You will be asked to change your PIN upon your first time signing in.

The D0000# username is unique to online students. That username is for logging to enroll in your online classes, and then it will be used again to actually login to your courses. Your password for enrolling and logging to your classes will be provided to you along with your Student ID and username. You cannot change this password since it is automatically generated.

If you ever forget your login information, please feel free to call us at 406-377-9400 or email [email protected].

Online Formats


DCC’s Virtual Campus offers flexible learning formats to make it possible for any learner to have access to needed or desired education.

CCC Online Degree  Program Courses @ DCC

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Online Short Courses (ed2go)