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National Poetry Month Spotlight 

Written by DCC Librarian John Shuck

Poetry is good for the soul. See the pictures below of the new display in the library for National Poetry Month that begins tomorrow. You can find a couple of volumes in the library (and now on display) entitled "Angst" Spring 2011Spring 2012 that are poems by DCC students and faculty from a while ago. 

Here is one by former DCC student, Anthony Lopez, from Spring 2011. I thought it timely in an ironic way...


Enemies, Friends

Can all meet the same ends

Call the doctor and sliced their skins

Pull back, tightened

Hair plugged, chins filled, teeth brightened

Stomachs tucked, feathers plucked

But the eyes never lie

Reality has become skin deep

A wolf pretending to be a sheep

OK. Here is one I wrote last year in April 2020, not long after the lockdowns started. I saw an article about 50 chain restaurants that were being forced to close permanently. I saw it as a sign that our world was changing... 

"Say Goodbye"

Say goodbye to the life you once knew.

However fleeting and unsustainable,

it was ours for a time.

Now passing like our tears flowing to the sea,

what life/death awaits?

Cry for humanity once again.

I miss touch.

I miss my shattered life.

Whatever you got in you, you gotta get it out. Poetry helps. Have you written a poem? If it isn't longer than a page I would like to laminate it and include it on the display. If you send it to me and give me permission I will!   

For inspiration, you can subscribe to "A Poem A Day" Here is today's poem "La suavecita" by Lupe Mendez.