DCC EdReady

Before you register for classes, we need to see where you currently are in reading, writing and math skills. This can be done a few different ways, including ACT, SAT or PSAT scores, high school GPA, previous college credit you’ve earned, or through taking an assessment.

Ask your advisor or enrollment specialist for details. If you have test scores, high school or college transcripts, please provide them to DCC admissions.

If you don’t have these documents, don’t worry. DCC is committed to helping you succeed! You can assess for success through our free Knowledge Assessment tool, which will gauge your skills in English and/or math. After you complete the assessment, you will have a chance to improve your scores through your customized Study Path to better prepare you for courses. Follow these easy steps to get started with the Knowledge Assessment.

EdReady Videos

How EdReady Montana Works: https://youtu.be/kqQi26mYq9w

Doing Placement Differently: https://www.nroc.org/do-placement-differently

Writing Placement

Your score will appear in the purple circle and indicate if you have placed directly into your desired course. You need a minimum score of 70 in Writing.  If you scored below that level, you should complete the study path up to that level to assure you are best prepared for WRIT101 - College Writing I and the work you will do at DCC. A placement score of 69 or less will place you into the WRIT101 corequisite course.

Math Placement

See the chart below for your initial score results to test into your desired math course:

Initial EdReady Score Upon Completion of Diagnostic

ER ID Score DCC Math Placement Level Level Abbreviation
<49 M090 Introductory Algebra Level 1
50-54 M095, M105, M111, M108 Level 2
55-65 M132, STAT216, and M121 College Algebra Level 3
66-70 M151 Precalculus/M161 Survey of Calculus Level 4
71+ M171 Calculus I Level 5

DCC recommends you study up to the following scores for your course to be best prepared for the classes at DCC and if you move up from one level to the next, see an advisor for enrollment options into your desired course.

Study Path Improvement Scores
ID Level -> Study Pathway Placement Level Current ER Score
Recommended study to score below Level 1 65
Level 1 -> Level 2 70
Level 1 or 2 -> Level 3 78
Level 2 or 3 -> Level 4 97
Level 4 -> Level 5 100

EdReady Initial Placement Score - Math

EdReady Initial Placement Score - Writing

DCC Math and Writing Placement Guidelines

Math and Writing placement are determined by a combination of the following measures:

1.     ACT or SAT scores

2.     EdReady Initial Placement score

3.     Pre-requisite courses (including transfer courses with appropriate grades)

4.     High school courses and GPA (high school graduation date must be with two years of enrolling at DCC).

Placement for Students without Test Scores:

1.     Students without ACT or SAT test scores will complete the online EdReady Initial Placement during orientation or advanced registration. You will receive information about how to take the EdReady Initial Placement after your Admissions applications has been processed.

2.     Transfer students who have successfully completed the pre-requisite courses at another institution that transfers into DCC. Please contact the Admissions Office to determine if you should complete the online EdReady Initial Placement to determine best placement.