Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is the overarching term used to describe college credit programs or courses available to high school students in which the student earns credit for both college and high school transcripts. This program is only available for in-state students.

There are two types of Dual Enrollment:

  • Concurrent Enrollment: Students take classes taught at the high school by qualified teachers for both college and high school credit.
  • Early Start: Students take classes taught by the college, on campus or online, for college credit.

What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

  • Affordable education (free for concurrent enrollment or half tuition and no fees for early start).
  • Receive access to college resources.
  • Demonstrate competitiveness for scholarships and university admissions.
  • Gain experience and confidence.
  • Lessen your college course load and open up time to:
    • Pursue a double major
    • Graduate early
    • Explore internships
    • Study abroad

Ready to learn more about Dual Enrollment? 


  • DCC Concurrent Enrollment Schools

    Click here to learn which schools participate.

  • Requirements

    Area high school students, at least 16 years of age and are at Junior or Senior status, may enroll in any course and be charged one-half the regular per credit hour tuition, books and materials.

    A complete application includes the following components:

    • Complete Admissions Application – submit (mailed, delivered, or web) to the Admission Office, prior to or at the time of registration.
    • Printable Dual Enrollment Application
    • Immunizations records if taking 6 or more credits as an Early Start student
    • Placement test scores if registering for course(s) with pre-requisites. If not administered in the DCC ASC, scores must be sent to the DCC Admissions Office from the administering agency/college.
    • Letter of approval from High School Principal/Counselor if enrolling in a day course.

    High School students wanting to take a concurrent enrollment class through their high school must first be enrolled in the course through the high school and then complete application/registration paperwork for the dual enrollment program. Pre-requisites and/or placement/standardized test scores may be required. All dual enrollment students must complete enrollments by applicable deadlines to be enrolled. These dates change each semester and are available from the dual enrollment coordinator.

For more information about Dual Enrollment, please contact:

Erica Milne
Director of Enrollment/ Dual Enrollment Coordinator