Dawson Promise

Dawson Promise is a program aimed at helping unaccompanied youth who are homeless or aging out of foster care obtain a two-year education without debt. Through Dawson Promise, students are provided opportunities that may have previously seemed out of reach.

What will participation in Dawson Promise look like?

  • DCC’s Financial Aid office helps students complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • A mentor will help students through the admissions and enrollment processes and introduce them to their academic advisor.
  • Students will work one-on-one with their advisor to determine a course of study for their chosen program and will meet periodically to discuss progress.
  • Students will be provided with year-round on-campus housing and may begin classes as soon as they graduate from high school.
  • Students will be provided a community host family through the Adopt-a-Buc program. Host families assist students in their transition to the community.
  • The Human Resources team will help students obtain on- or off-campus employment and will work with students on resume writing and interviewing techniques.
  • Employers will help students learn specific job and soft skills.
  • Once students have completed their coursework at DCC, they will be provided with a portfolio that includes letters of recommendation, transcripts, and a credit history statement showing all school bills have been paid in-full.

How do students apply for Dawson Promise?

There is no application for Dawson Promise. Students are identified through relationships with their counselors, caretakers, or other advocates. Additionally, students may be identified through the information provided on financial aid paperwork, specifically the FAFSA. Students may also self-identify and speak with a DCC representative to determine if Dawson Promise can help them obtain an education.

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