The DCC Scholarship Priority Application Deadline for 2024-2025 is May 3, 2024

Dawson Community College offers a variety of scholarships to students from all areas and walks of life. Though scholarships vary quite a bit on criteria, award, and duration, they all share one common factor: free money for your education.

Dawson Community College offers students two different opportunities to earn scholarships: the DCC Student Scholarship Program and the Buccaneer Excellence Program. 

DCC Student Scholarship General Fund

Thanks to the generosity of donors and the Dawson College Foundation, Dawson Community College is able to provide scholarships through the DCC Student Scholarship Program. The Dawson College Foundation administers over 50 different scholarships opportunities for students. For a list of all foundation scholarships, please visit

These scholarships are available for ALL students. Based on each scholarship's eligibility requirements, students may win multiple scholarships through the student scholarship program.

The Buccaneer Excellence Program

DCC has established the Buccaneer Excellence Program to welcome new students who are coming to our college. There are a variety of different types of tuition waivers that students can win, including a GPA award for traditional students, awards for non-traditional students taking 6 or more classes, awards for transfer students, and awards for students who participating in a DCC dual enrollment class.

Completing this scholarship only takes 2 minutes to complete and applicants will instantly know how much money they are eligible to receive! Students who are not from Montana or who are already receiving a tuition waiver through DCC are not eligible to win an award.  

Other Scholarship Opportunities

The following scholarships require their own application form and may have requirements different from those of DCC’s Student Scholarship program. 

More Scholarship Information