DCC Scholarship Priority Application Deadline Extended to April 6, 2020!

Scholarships are forms of aid given on the basis of academic merit. Though scholarships vary quite a bit on criteria, award, and duration, they all share one common factor: free money for your education.

Dawson Community College offers students two different opportunities to earn scholarships: the DCC Student Scholarship Program and the Buccaneer Excellence Program.

  • DCC Student Scholarship Program

    Priority Application Deadline Extended- April 6, 2020

    The Student Scholarship program draws together endowed scholarships and donations, into a single scholarship application form. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed by March 1st to be eligible for need-based scholarships.

    Application Procedure
    Fill out and submit the Student Scholarship Program application online.
    If you prefer, you can download a printable 2020-2021 Student Scholarship Program application here, and follow the provided instructions to send it in. 

    Part of the application for scholarships requires that a resume is submitted along with all the other requested documents. The Financial Aid Office gets a lot of questions about the resume, so here is an example of what well developed resume looks like. Resume Example

    Current Student Eligibility

    1. Enrollment (or plans to do so) in a degree or certificate program.
    2. A minimum Cumulative College GPA of 2.0.
    3. Completion of 12 or more graded college credits.

    First Year Eligibility
    If you have not previously enrolled as a college student, you should meet the following minimum requirements:

    1. Apply for Admission to DCC.
    2. High School Cumulative grade-point average of 2.25

    Transfer Student Eligibility

    1. Apply for Admission to DCC.
    2. A minimum Cumulative College GPA of 2.25.
    3. Completion of 12 or more graded college credits.
  • Buccaneer Excellence Program

    Dawson Community College (DCC) is excited to offer various scholarships through “The Buccaneer Excellence Program” for students who will attend DCC. 

    1. Complete an application for admission at DCC and please let us know what your HS GPA is. 
    2. Complete your FAFSA (DCC FAFSA Code is 002529)
    3. Fill out the Buccaneer Excellence Scholarship application online, or download, print and submit a paper copy.

    Excellence Scholarship ($250-$1,500)
    For Montana high school senior students in recognition of their academic excellence. 

    • $250 for GPA 2.5-2.9
    • $500 for GPA 3.0-3.49
    • $1,000 for GPA 3.5-3.75
    • $1,500 for GPA 3.76-4.0  

    Presidential Scholarship (up to $2,000)
    For Montana high school senior students in recognition of their participation in school clubs and activities in conjunction with their GPA, or status as high school salutatorian or valedictorian. Must also submit:

    • One letter of recommendation from a non-relative evaluating the student’s character and probability of thriving at DCC, both academically and socially and regarding club involvement. 
    • One essay, maximum 500 words, describing how the student’s college journey will empower him/her to make a positive impact on society and what he/she hopes that impact will be.

    Non-Traditional Student Scholarship ($500)
    For Montana residents looking to continue their education taking six or more credits who fit one of the following criteria:

    • Education was not continued immediately after graduating from high school
    • Work full time
    • Have children
    • Over the age of 24

    Online Student Scholarship ($250-500)
    For Montana residents who will be attending online full-time.  

    Fresh Start Scholarship (up to $1,000)
    For students who earned at least a 2.0 GPA in high school or at a previous college or took a break from their education and want to succeed at DCC are eligible for this scholarship. Up to $1,000 will be awarded for the Fresh Start Scholarship to help students start a new chapter at DCC. To keep the scholarship, students must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and be enrolled and active in at least one student club or organization. 

    Dual Enrollment Scholarship (up to $500)
    For Montana high school seniors who took dual enrollment classes through DCC during their high school career. 

    Student Ambassador Scholarship ($500)
    Students have the chance to gain valuable work experience within the Enrollment Management team giving tours to prospective students and helping with events on campus. 

    Refer-a-Buc ($250 up to tuition cost)
    Current DCC students and student-applicants can earn $250 towards their tuition cost - up to the full tuition cost - for each student they refer to DCC, and the referred student can also earn $250 towards their tuition cost. 

    Amounts awarded are at the discretion of the Buccaneer Excellence Program scholarship review committee. Limited funds available. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Associate Director of Enrollment Management – Sarah North Wolfe at 406-377-9403. 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

The following scholarships require their own application form and may have requirements different from those of DCC’s Student Scholarship program. 

More Scholarship Information

  • Scholarship Searches

    Scholarship searches are a great way to obtain information on those available for use at any college; below are a few recommend by DCC. Here are a few miscellaneous links for you:

  • Scholarship Scams

    Watch out for scholarship scams

    Never give out your social security number or bank information for a scholarship.

    There are six common scams: 

    1. Application and processing fees
    2. Loan Fees
    3. Guaranteed winnings
    4. “Everybody is eligible” – Scholarships all have selective criteria
    5. Unclaimed aid myth – “Billions of dollars of scholarships go unclaimed every year”
    6. “We will apply on your behalf”