Campus Security


Call 911 immediately and notify campus administration as soon as possible.

  • Provide details of the incident. Glendive Police/Dawson Co. Sheriff’s Department will direct emergency responders to the victim.
  • Try to determine severity and extent of injuries to the victim.
  • Obtain first aid kits.
  • Use rubber gloves to handle victim (available in the first aid kits).
  • Treat only life threatening injuries.
  • Avoid washing areas where bodily fluids may provide evidence.
  • Move the victim (if possible) to a comfortable setting (private office).
  • DO NOT leave the victim alone, assign an assistant; provide emotional support.
  • Gently discourage the victim from washing until seen by a doctor.
  • Offer the victim care and first aid, but avoid destroying any evidence.
  • Assign someone to meet and guide emergency responders to the victim.
  • Take notes of any information the victim is willing to offer.