Campus Security

Disruptive Student

Any behavior which interferes with the welfare or educational opportunities of others at DCC will be unacceptable.

  • If you are concerned about the safety of yourself or others, call 911 Immediately
  • Evacuate from the danger area
  • If there is no immediate danger, ask the disruptive student to leave the classroom or building.
  • Notify Student Services 377-9400 and Instructional Services 377-9406 immediately
  • A formal discipline process will be initiated (please refer to student handbook for more information).
  • The College will notify the student of discipline sanctions and if they are allowed to return to class.
  • If the safety of others is jeopardized, suspension and immediate action will be put into place.

Suggested Recommendations:

  • Talk to the student and identify the inappropriate behavior
  • Tell the individual to stop
  • If the behavior does not stop, ask the student to leave.
  • Notify Student Services and/or Police
  • Write a descriptive report of what happened. Include information such as time, date, witnesses, specific disruptive behavior, and any conversation that took place.