Campus Security

Expectations for Employees

All employee expectations:

  • Expect to be the first responder (response time is 6-8 minutes – most incidents are over in 6 minutes).
  • Be familiar with the Emergency Management Plan.
  • Participate in drills and training sessions as required.
  • Walk over your primary and secondary evacuation routes at least once to familiarize yourself with emergency exits.
  • Know where hazardous conditions or situations in your area may exist.
  • Know the location of flammable, radioactive, biological, and other hazardous materials.
  • Know where the fire alarm pull stations are located and how to turn them on.
  • Know where fire extinguishers are located in your building and how to use them.
  • Know the different alarm sounds, what they mean, and how to respond accordingly.
  • Know where the first aid kits are located in your building.
  • Learn or refresh your CPR and first aid skills.
  • Identify and volunteer your skills and expertise to the emergency response team.
  • If you receive information about security concerns from students, faculty, and staff, share that information with the President and the Safety Committee.

Instructors Expectations:

  • Provide the class or audience with general information relating to emergency procedures during the first week of class.
  • Assure that persons with disabilities have the information they need to execute alternate emergency evacuation routes if needed.
  • Take responsible charge of the classroom and follow emergency procedures the best you can for all building alarms, emergencies, or lock-downs.
  • In the event of an evacuation, the instructor shall sweep the classroom and area to make sure everyone has vacated.

Director of Physical Plant Expectations:

  • Act as a liaison with the responding emergency service and others if a building emergency occurs.
  • The physical plant department will coordinate necessary responses with the President or designee.
  • Review the college Safety and Security Procedures and the Emergency Management Plan at least annually and ensure they are current.
  • Schedule employee safety and security training.
  • Coordinate and conduct fire drills with the Safety Committee.
  • Notify the appropriate College personnel for all emergencies, as necessary.