Campus Security


There are three levels of lock-downs and situations; An announcement will be made with instructions followed by where and/or what the threat is with the call for a lock-down such as;

Immediate lock-down – gunman in the main building or Lockout – distressed gunman in downtown, everyone remain in the building, lock all exterior doors

Lockout (level 1) – Threat is outside of the school

  • Incidents may occur off campus, which may require students to stay on campus.
  • Lock all exterior doors
  • Monitor entrances/exterior doors
  • Everyone remains within the building
  • Movement within the building should be limited
  • Employees can still be working and classes meeting
  • Assume situation is unresolved until notified

Lock-down (level 2) – Threat is inside the school

  • Stay calm
  • Close and lock classroom and office doors
  • Do not leave the classroom
  • Windows (close or open shades) may vary from situation to situation. This should be determined at the onset of the incident and relayed if possible by response team communication.
  • Wait for further instructions
  • Identify what is, or is not, going on in your area during this level. If the school is quiet, keep all doors closed, locked and quiet.

Lock-down (level 3) – Threat is inside with immediate danger

  • Lock classroom doors and handle window shades as directed
  • Barricade the door with desks, file cabinets any object available.
  • Tie the door shut, using belts or the curtain string if necessary
  • Be creative with thoughts and actions to barricade the doors
  • The purpose of this is to deter and delay the perpetrator’s entrance
  • Move student out of sight
  • Make a plan in an event the perpetrator tries to enter the room
  • After causing a distraction (which may provide an opportunity to attack) have a plan to attack or fight if necessary

If you are outside when the incident occurs:

  • Safely proceed inside and lock-down.
  • If you cannot safely make it inside to a campus building, proceed to a nearby structure and contact someone at the college and let them know where you are and if others are with you.
  • Do not return to the college until law enforcement or administrative staff issue an “all clear.”

Locking and unlocking all access entrance doors requires an allen wrench. Classroom and office doors are locked by using a designated door key or master key. We can never be sure who will be in the right place at the right time to help in such an emergency. Employees may obtain an allen wrench from the Registrar. While locking doors, tell students to immediately go to the designated location.

Main building doors requiring an allen wrench to lock:

  • front door entrance
  • Faculty wing entrance
  • Computer wing entrance
  • Old gym entrance
  • Student Center to Ullman entrance
  • Custodian room entrance

Ullman Center requiring an allen wrench to lock:

  • Agri-Business/Art Wing hallway
  • Faculty office wing entrance
  • Front entrance

Toepke Center requiring an allen wrench to lock:

  • Front entrance
  • Coca cola entrance
  • Cardio room entrance
  • Mezzanine entrance (usually stays locked)
  • Fine Arts utility entrance

Doors for "The Cove" at Kettner Hall requires an allen wrench to lock