Public Reporting on Federal CARES Act

  1. Dawson Community College has applied for and received CARES Act funding from the U.S. Department of Education. The university has signed and returned certification to the Federal Government that no less than 50% of the CARES Act funds will be provided for Student grants.
  2. The university was allotted $71,076 in funds to be disbursed to students impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.
  3. The total amount of grants distributed to students under 18004(a) (1) of the CARES Act of will be provided at the end of the 30-day reporting requirements. Additional updates will be provided every 45 days after the initial report.
  4. Dawson Community College estimates that 238 students are eligible for CARES Act funds. These students identified met the requirements for the CARES Act from regulations issued by the Department of Education on April 21, 2020. This guidance required Title IV eligibility. In addition to Title IV eligibility, the CARES Act provided additional regulations that excluded fully On-line students.
  5. The total number of students who have received a grant under the CARES Act will be provided at the end of the 30-day reporting requirements. Additional updates will be provided every 45 days after the initial report.
    1. As of 04/01/2021 - 107 students
    2. The total amount of the Emergency Financial Aid Grants distributed to students under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act as of April 1, 2021 is $71,076.
  6. On May 7, 2020, Dawson Community College confirmed a distribution method of the emergency funds in accordance with federal guidelines. The college goal was to assist as many impacted students as possible with larger amounts awarded to students with greater need. On May 7th a CARES Act webpage was created for the DCC website. On May 11, 2020, electronic notices with CARES Act applications were sent to the college email address of 238 possible eligible students.  The students were Title IV eligible as determined by the 2019-20 FAFSA records or ability to file and were NOT exclusively on-line students prior to the Pandemic. In keeping with the college goal to assist as many students as possible the college adopted a policy to award $750 max applicants. This amount was determined based on the expense category selected during the application completion. This was done to identify student expenses related to campus disruption. The amount related to each category is listed below.
    1. Technology- $500
    2. Food- $100
    3. Housing- $100
    4. Transportation- $100
    5. Course Materials- $50
    6. Child Care- $50
    7. Other- $100
    8. Computer Purchase- $500
  7. After posting the CARES Act Emergency Grant information on the College’s website, Dawson Community personnel directly emailed CARES Act information with the application to students who had occupied campuses housing Spring 2020 Term to prioritize meet the need of students most directly affected by campus disruption. A second email was sent to all students attending at least one class that was campus based before March 13th detailing how to apply for CARES Act Emergency aid. This approach balanced the objective to distribute CARES Act Emergency Grants as quickly as possible to eligible students and ensuring transparency and accountability, while maximizing but not overburdening institutional capacity. Students meeting the eligibility criteria above may apply for a CARES Act Emergency Grant using the application form at: Distributions of CARES Act Emergency Funds began on May 13, 2020. Instructions provided stated that students would be notified about grant eligibility through DCC formal means of communication their DCC student email accounts.

CARES Act Section 18004(a)(1) & 18004(a)(3) Institutional Portion Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reports

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