Financial Aid

Financial Aid Award Letter

Your DCC award letter will include all aid awards you have been offered to date. Once you receive your notification of award from Dawson Community College, log into your ‘MyInfo’ account at and review it carefully. You may accept all or part of your financial aid award as directed on the award tab. 

Your acceptance indicates that you understand and accept the rules and conditions affecting your financial aid. Check the number of credits you told us you would take each semester. Report any changes in residency, enrollment, your name, and/or address.

If you have a source of educational funding that is not listed on the award letter, inform us either via email at or in writing. Examples of additional funding that must be reported include Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran’s Benefits, Tribal grants or loans, all scholarships, stipends, and grants. If you learn about additional funding after you have returned your award letter, you are required to notify the Financial Aid Office in writing as soon as possible.

Steps to Viewing Award Letter & Completing Award Acceptance in MyInfo

  1. Go to MyInfo login (located in QUICK LINKS top right hand corner of
  2. Enter your ID and PIN and click “Login”
  3. Select “Financial Aid” tab
  4. Select “Award for Aid Year”
  5. Select the current school year “Aug 20xx – July 20xx” Aid Year and click submit
  6. Select the “Accept Award Offer” tab
  7. The “Accept Award Offer” tab is where you’ll be able to accept the types and amounts of aid you would like.

If you have specific questions that are not covered in the DCC Financial Aid site, contact the Financial Aid Office at:

Justin Beach, Financial Aid Director, at 406-377-9410 or email

Makaela Beeber, Financial Aid Specialist, at 406-377-9409 or email