Adopt-a-Buc Student Application

Adopt-a-Buc is a student-host family program at Dawson Community College. Students who apply will be matched with a family or person in the community who will help you get to know Glendive and hopefully find a home away from home. This is a visit family program and have a local support system, not a live with a family program. It has been shown that having a support system increases a student's success in college.

To apply, fill out the form below. You may also download and print a paper application by clicking here.

First Name
Last Name
Year at DCC
Do you have a car?
Do you prefer a host family with...
Do you prefer a host family with...
How often would you like to meet with your host family?
Are you comfortable by yourself with a host family or would you prefer going with another student? (We recommend going by yourself in most cases)

Disclaimer: By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have voluntarily requested to receive a host family through the Adopt-a-Buc program and am giving permission that this information may be shared with participants of the program, especially my host family. I agree to allow Dawson Community College to utilize photos of me on the DCC website and social media, as well as on any Adopt-a-Buc marketing materials. I also acknowledge that I will not accept any monetary or other large gifts or tickets from my host family, nor will I travel with them on a trip with extensive miles or expense.