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Peer Tutor's Oath

  • I understand that I must meet my Tutee(s) as scheduled. I will meet my Tutee and do only review work with him/her. (I will not do his/her homework, assignments, quizzes, or tests.)
  • I understand that I must try to notify my Tutee in advance if I cannot attend the tutoring session. My tutee will inform me if he/she cannot attend a scheduled tutoring session. (This is done by calling, texting or emailing each other.)
  • If I miss 2 tutoring sessions without calling in advance, my services will be terminated.
  • I understand that I must wait 15 minutes for my tutee to show up. (He/she will also wait 15 minutes for me.)
  • I understand I must come prepared to the session to review course syllabus, lecture notes, textbooks, and handouts. I am to help the tutee find the answers, NOT GIVE HIM/HER THE ANSWERS.
  • I understand that I may inform an instructor of a tutee’s progress or speak with an instructor concerning the tutee.
  • I understand that I must respect the confidentiality of students and will not discuss a tutee’s progress with anyone other than the tutee’s instructor or the Professional Staff overseeing the Tutoring Program.
  • If I experience any problems with the tutoring program, I may consult with the Professional Staff overseeing the Tutoring Program.
  • I will complete tutoring Record forms for each student after every session and leave them in my folder with my timesheet in the Tutoring Center.
  • I will have my timesheet filled out and turned in by the 15th and the last day of each month in order to be paid (or earlier depending on holidays).
  • Above all else, I will do my best to help my tutee meet his/her academic objectives.