Dinodave Paleo Experience 2022!

Dawson Community College is excited to announce a partnership with Dinodave! Join us for a paleo experience on a premium microsite located on DCC property near the entrance of Makoshika State Park.

Participants will be sifting sand and surface collecting all sorts of fauna of the late Cretaceous ecosystem.

The beauty of a microsite is that many species of fauna are able to be found in a small location. Less hiking, more fossils, this hill truly becomes alive and is an ideal education experience for the community.

Crocodile, Therapod, Triceratops, Hadrosaur, and even mammal teeth can be found here along with many other vertebrae and claws.

Spots are limited for this event at 10 people a session. Sessions will run on Fridays, starting June 17th through August. The times will be from 9am-12pm and 1-4pm. Pre-registration for this event is required and is available online. You must fill out a form for each participant. The cost is $50 per person and a minimum age requirement of 10 years. This is encouraged to be a great activity for visitors of Glendive but all are welcome. Please keep in mind, the terrain is rough and the hike is steep. Proper attire is a must. All participants will be required to sign a waiver of liability, DCC is not responsible for accidents. Please reach out to Dave Fuqua at makoshikadave@gmail.com for questions about the event.

Junior Day to be announced in July!

Afternoon sessions will be rescheduled if temperatures reach 90 or above, or if it is raining.


Or contact:

Sara Engle