Dual Enrollment

For Students

Want to get a head start on college? Dual Enrollment can help!

Who is eligible?
High school juniors and seniors or other students over the age 16 are eligible for the Dual Enrollment program. You should talk to your high school counselor to confirm eligibility and to find out which courses are available for dual credit.

How do I apply?
Click here to print and fill out the Dual Enrollment Application and return it to Dawson Community College or your school counselor. If you are under 18 years old you will also need your parent/guardian to sign it.

How much does it cost?
Concurrent Enrollment (classes taught at the high school for both college and high school credit) is free of charge. Early Start (classes taught online or at the College for college credit) is half standard tuition and most fees waived.

What courses may I take?
For Concurrent Enrollment, each high school offers a different set of Dual Enrollment classes. Talk to your high school counselor to see what is available at your school. With Early Start, you can take 100-200 level classes at the DCC campus or online. Classes offered will vary each semester.

What is the difference between AP and Dual Enrollment?
For AP classes, you have to pay for and pass a standardized exam and must achieve a specific score in order to earn credit. Passing AP scores are accepted for different credit amounts or may replace certain lower-level courses, depending upon the college or university. However, after you complete a Dual Enrollment class, you are awarded a grade and college credit for the course. These will be recorded on your college transcript. 

Will my credits transfer?
DCC is fully accredited and we also follow the Montana University System's Common Course Numbering system. This allows our classes to transfer fully throughout the state. Generally, most academic courses in which you've earned a "C" or higher will transfer, but confirm with the university you will be attending.

College Responsibilities
A successful college course is more than just understanding the material and being present in class. You will be responsible for knowing homework and project due dates, as well as being prepared for upcoming exams. You will need to ensure all required forms are completed, follow payment procedures, understand how university policies apply to you, and follow all deadlines. 

With that being said, there are many people and programs that will happily work with you to achieve success. However, you are ultimately responsible to find and utilize these resources. Reach out! We want to help. 

More Questions?
Contact Chris Payne, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
406.377.9444 or cpayne@dawson.edu