EdReady Math 40

Initial Score of 71 and above

You have completed the EdReady Initial Math Placement!

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. This page contains links you may need to raise your placement level and better prepare for your first math class.

If your initial diagnostic score is 71 or above, your DCC Math Placement Level is at least 5.

Math Placement Level of 4 places students in M151 - Precalculus. It is in your best interest to take advantage of the EdReady Study Path and improve your math placement.

If your Initial Math Placement is equivalent to your major requirement, continue on to the EdReady Study Path to practice and review your math skills before you enroll in your first math class at DCC! The EdReady Study Path is not required, but highly encouraged in this case.

Other factors such as any ACT/SAT scores you submitted to DCC may also raise your placement. For example if your ACT/SAT scores place you at a higher level, we will use those scores to place you in the next highest level which would be Level 4.

Approximately 24 hours after reaching your Study Path Score goal (listed above), the system will automatically adjust your placement. After your placement has been updated, contact your advisor to ensure you register for the correct class.  

New and incoming Freshman and Transfer students can plan to discuss Study Path Scores with an advisor during Orientation and/or advising appointments.

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