Students who are interested in an agriculture transfer program should complete the following courses in order to be prepared to transfer into an agriculture-related program at a baccalaureate institution. Such programs may focus on animal science, crop and soil science, agricultural mechanics, agricultural economics, or agribusiness management.

Suggested Courses
ACTG201 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
AGBE210 Economics of Agricultural Business 3
AG232 Technology in Agriculture 3
ANSC100 Introduction to Animal Science 3
ANSC202 Livestock Feeding and Nutrition 4
BIOB110 Plant Science 4
BIOB160 Principles of Living Systems 3
BIOB161 Principles of Living Systems Lab 1
CHMY121 Intro to General Chemistry 3
CHMY122 Intro to General Chemistry Lab 1
ECNS201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECNS202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
M121 College Algebra 4
M145 Math for the Liberal Arts 3
NRSM101 Natural Resource Conservation 3
NRSM102 Natural Resource Conservation Lab 1
SOCI101 Intro to Sociology 3
STAT216 Intro to Statistics 4