A person who understands the effects of communication has an opportunity to enter a variety of fields dealing with ways to effectively communicate to a variety of people. A degree in Communication Studies prepares a student for a career in almost any field. It is especially suited for careers in advertising, public relations, electronic media, broadcasting, journalism, and politics. The Communications curriculum at DCC provides an interested student with a sound base in a variety of perspectives including speaking, writing, business, and the humanities and prepares a student for transfer to a four-year college or university.

Suggested Courses
BMGT215 Human Resource Management 3
COMX115 Intro to Personal Communications 3
CRWC240 Intro to Creative Writing Workshop 3
HU201 Humanities I or 3
HU202 Humanities II 3
LIT110 Intro to Lit 3
LIT285 Mythologies 3
PSYX100 Intro to Psychology 3
SIGN120 Sign Language I 3
SOCI101 Intro to Sociology 3
SOCI241 Intro to Social Psychology 3
WRIT122 Intro to Business Writing 3
WRIT201 College Writing II 3
WRIT202 College Writing III 3