The curriculum provides students with a basic foundation in academic and practical writing with the options of exploring creative writing and the critical analysis of literature. Students with an English degree often pursue careers in law, professional writing, teaching, public relations, editing for the publishing industry, creating  handbooks for the business world, and writing news reports.

Suggested Courses
CRWR240 Intro to Creative Writing Workshop 3
EDU231 Literature & Literacy for Children 3
HU201 Humanities I 3
HU202 Humanities II 3
LIT110 Intro to Literature 3
LIT210 American Lit I 3
LIT211 American Lit II 3
LIT223 British Lit I 3
LIT224 British Lit II 3
LIT285 Mythologies 3
SPNS100 Conversational Spanish 2
SPNS101 Elementary Spanish I 4
WRIT202 College Writing III 3