Environmental Science or Geology/Earth Science

The courses in this area will help prepare a student to transfer to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree in Geology, Earth Science, or Environmental Science. This will prepare students for careers in areas such as conservation, natural resources, outdoor pursuits and environmental advocacy, law, research and education. If the student intends to complete a bachelor’s degree in Education, he/she would be advised to take secondary education courses as well. DCC has an articulation agreement in Earth Sciences with MSU-Bozeman.

Suggested Courses
BIOB101 General Biology I 3
BIOB111 General Biology I Lab 1
CHMY141 College Chemistry I 4
CHMY142 College Chemistry I Lab 1
CHMY143 College Chemistry II 4
CHMY144 College Chemistry II Lab 1
GEO101 Intro to Physical Geology 3
GEO102 Intro to Physical Geology Lab 1
GEO211 Earth History & Evolution 3
GEO212 Earth History & Evolution Lab 1
GPHY111 Intro to Physical Geography 3
GPHY112 Intro the Physical Geography Lab 1
M151 Pre-Calculus 4
SC209 Intro to Environmental Science 3
STAT216 Intro to Statistics 4