Fish & Wildlife Management

Students with a bachelor’s degree in Fish/Wildlife Management are qualified for entry level positions in natural resource management fields. Students should be advised that most professional level jobs in this field require a master’s degree in Biology, Ecology, or a related field. 

Suggested Courses
BIOB160 Principles of Living Systems 3
BIOB161 Principles of Living Systems Lab 1
BIOB170 Principles of Biological Diversity 3
BIOB171 Principles of Biological Diversity Lab 1
BIOO105 Intro to Botany 3
BIOO106 Intro to Botany Lab 1
CHMY121 Intro to General Chemistry 3
CHMY122 Intro to General Chemistry Lab 1
CHMY123 Intro to Organic and Biochemistry 3
CHMY124 Intro to Organic and Biochemistry Lab 1
COMX111 Intro to Public Speaking 3
ECNS201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
M171 Calculus I 5
STAT216 Intro to Statistics 4
WRIT201 College Writing II 3