History presents students with worlds, times, places, and cultures in ways they never before considered. To study History is to affirm the commitment to exploring issues of diversity within both a national and global context. Students with a degree in History have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of careers. Many majors pursue careers in education, public history or historic preservation, research, communication, public service, politics, government, writing, journalism, or law. 

Suggested Courses
ANTY101 Anthropology & the Human Experience 3
ECNS201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECNS202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
GPHY141 Geography of World Regions 3
HSTA101 American History I 3
HSTA102 American History II 3
HSTA111 American Civil Rights Movement 1
HSTA250 Plains Indian History 3
HSTA255 Montana History 3
HSTR101 Western Civilization I 3
HSTR102 Western Civilization II 3
HU201 Humanities I 3
HU202 Humanities II 3
NASX105 Intro to Native American Studies 3
PSCI201 Intro to American Government 3
PSCI260 Intro to State & Local Government 3
PSYX100 Intro to Psychology 3
SOCI101 Intro to Sociology 3
SPNS101 Elementary Spanish I 3
SPNS102 Elementary Spanish II 3