Paraeducators (teacher aides/paraprofessionals) assist classroom teachers to educate children with special needs in PK-12 schools. Please work with your academic advisor and the catalog of the transfer institution to determine specific courses that should be taken.

Suggested Courses
COMX115 Intro to Personal Communications 3
EDEC105 Observation & Assessment 1
EDEC247 Child Growth & Development 3
EDEC248 Child Growth & Development Practicum 1
EDU200 Intro to Education 2
EDEC108 Intro to Early Childhood Education 2
EDU202 Early Field Experience 1
EDU270 Literature & Literacy for Children 3
EDU231 Survey of Exceptionalities 3
EDSP204 Intro to Teaching Exceptional Learners 3
CD231 Drugs, Pharmacology, Society, Human Behavior 3
PA101 Orientation to Special Education 2
PA102 Instructional Teamwork 1
PA103 Interpersonal Skills or 2
PA104 Personal Growth & Development 1
PA 105 Student Supervision 2
PA106 Instructional Strategies 2
PA107 Behavior Management 2
PA108 Instructional Technology 2
PA109 Life Skills 2
PA110 Significant Communication Support Needs 2
PA111 Significant Supports Challenging Behavior 2
PA112 Significant Health Support Needs 2
PA114 Practicum Experience 2
PSYX272 Educational Psychology 3
SIGN120 Sign Language I 3