The following courses comprise the basics for a student intending to complete a baccalaureate degree in physics at a university. A degree in physics could lead student to pursue a research career or another science-oriented career that requires a physics background. Physicists find employment in a broad range of careers, including engineering, information technology, telecommunications, programming, medicine, astronomy, industrial design and secondary or higher education. A student planning to teach physics at the high school level would be encouraged to take secondary education coursework as well. 

Suggested Courses
CHMY141 College Chemistry I 4
CHMY142 College Chemistry I Lab 1
CHMY143 College Chemistry II 4
CHMY144 College Chemistry II Lab 1
M171 Calculus I 5
M172 Calculus II 5
M273 Multivariable Calculus 5
PHSX220 Physics I 3
PHSX221 Physics I Lab 1
PHSX222 Physics II 3
PHSX223 Physics II Lab 1