Official Logos and Branding

Official Logos

Logos are available for download on the K drive under Public Relations Toolbox -> Logos.

Click here to download the Marketing and Public Relations Guide.

The Need for Standards

The need to establish standards is vital to making the Dawson Community College brand represent the institution’s unique characteristics. The process of branding builds strength through consistency-not only in the message, but also in performance. Creating, changing, or managing perceptions is not easily achieved, and only through repetition and constant delivery can the Dawson brand become known. The goal for consistency in message, visual appearance, and behavior can only be achieved with guidance. The brand messages should filter through all actions and communications toward measurable results. This manual serves as the foundation for the Dawson brand. Consistency is needed to ensure that public perception of Dawson Community College reflects the personality, mission, and educational offerings of the institution and to further differentiate Dawson from seemingly similar institutions. A unified voice is essential-from admissions representatives to faculty members to the president’s office. The standards outlined in this document will help Dawson Community College continue to speak with this voice and build upon the Dawson brand identity established in 1977.

Reproduction and Usage Policy

The single most important element of a college branding initiative is establishing a distinctive “signature” that creates a strong visual expression of the institution and what it represents. This signature must appear on all college publications to help establish continuity of the Dawson Community College brand image and identity. The logomark for Dawson Community College has been carefully designed with this in mind. To preserve the integrity of the images created, the approved electronic files should be used in all forms of communication created. Any attempt to recreate art by scanning, tracing, etc., will result in inconsistencies that compromise the work, thus weakening effectiveness. Rescanning the logomark or seal from a printed piece or printout is not permitted. A minimum of 300 DPI file resolution must be used for printed work.