Dawson Community College Announces Academic Honors for Spring 2020

GLENDIVE, MONT. – July 14, 2020 – Dawson Community College has released the names of students who have been honored for academic excellence during Spring semester 2020.

 To qualify for inclusion on the President's Honors List students must carry a minimum of 12 semester credits, be degree seeking and have a grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. High honors - 3.75 to 4.0, Honors 3.5 to 3.74


  • Leighton Bilbrey, H, Alzada
  • Dawn Williams, H, Anaconda
  • Kaylin Wheeler, HH, Baker
  • Kell Schwers, HH, Big Timber
  • Beau Santistevan, HH, Bigfork
  • Ashlynne Copinga, HH, Billings
  • Taylor Corbett, HH, Billings
  • Alex Couture, HH, Crane
  • Libby Burke, H, Gardiner
  • Arena Plenty, HH, Garryowen
  • Nicholas Ciafardone, HH, Glasgow
  • Cally Anderson,HH, Glendive
  • Anna Buller, HH, Glendive
  • Tyler Clapp, HH, Glendive
  • Bonita Heidner, HH, Glendive
  • Rochelle Hold, HH, Glendive
  • Zara Iwen, HH, Glendive
  • Kendra Kaufman, HH, Glendive
  • Mishal Lucido, HH, Glendive
  • Matthew Lundgren, HH, Glendive
  • Spencer Nelson, H, Glendive
  • Mariah Nicholson, H, Glendive
  • Nicolas Ree, HH, Glendive
  • Brittany Reynolds, HH, Glendive
  • Kimberly Thompson, H, Glendive
  • Tanner Wolff, HH, Glendive
  • Samantha Wright, HH, Glendive
  • Stevie Cullinan, HH, Glendive
  • Susan Zeak, HH, Great Falls
  • Janae Boles, H, Havre
  • Camryn Huston, HH, Havre
  • April Davis, HH, Helena
  • Michael Erickson, HH, Helena
  • Megan Lindbo, HH, Helena
  • Dawn Mahr, HH, Helena
  • Shelby Martin, HH, Helena
  • Brianna Bergum, HH, Judith Gap
  • Katheryn Kingery, HH, Kalispell
  • Alexa Kappel, HH, Miles City
  • Raquel McAuliffe, H, Miles City
  • Peter Maney, HH, Missoula
  • Haley Olson, HH, Richey
  • Kiana Miller, HH, Savage
  • Shaylyne Fisher, H, Sidney
  • Chelsea Leach, HH, Wibaux
  • Dre'An Yellow Robe, HH, Wolf Point


  • Kyle Graham, HH, Wasilla


  • Shayna Baugh, H, Tucson
  • Dymitrea Finley, H, Phoenix


  • Ashley Orozco, HH, Canoga Park


  • Devin Collins, H, Aurora
  • Centoria Roberts, H, Aurora
  • Keenan O'Brien, H, Broomfield


  • Andrew Neves, H, Honolulu


  • Britlynn Hubbard, HH, Malad City
  • Shelby Westfall, H, Nampa
  • Israel Birdsbill, H, Pocatello
  • Harlee Speth, HH, Saint Anthony
  • Riley Caudle, HH, Terreton


  • Ashya Sheeley-Klopfenstein, HH, Howe


  • Isaiah Fowler, HH, Saint Louis


  • Kayla Parisien, HH, Saint John


  • Alison Ellertson, HH, Brigham City
  • Ashlyn Tingey, HH, Brigham City
  • Maycen O'Neal, H, Corinne
  • Fallyn Marshall, H, West Point


  • Joseph Schultz, H, Green River


  • Emma Stadler, H, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia     
  • Christopher Louie, HH, Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Jennifer Smith, HH, Winkler, MB            , Canada
  • Kayne McGee, H, Almonte, ON, Canada
  • Jud Colliness, HH, Kincaid, SK, Canada
  • Calder Peterson, HH, Glentworth, SK, Canada
  • Logan Peterson, HH, Glentworth, SK, Canada
  • Mar Marata Crespo, HH, Serra de Daro

For more information, contact Katy Peterson, Dawson Community College Director of Marketing and Public Relations, at 406-377-9444 or, or visit


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