Dawson Graduates 7 From Pre-Trial Services & Misdemeanor Probation Basic Course

GLENDIVE, MONT. – August 6, 2020 –Dawson Community College is pleased to announce the completion of their first Pre-Trial Services and Misdemeanor Probation Basic Course.

On Friday, July 24, 2020, seven participants completed the required training to obtain a certificate from Dawson Community College that will lead to certification from the Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training (POST). This certification allows the recipient to fill the new Pre-Trial & Misdemeanor Probation Officer position recently created by the Montana State Legislature.

Throughout the course, participants received training on a number of topics including firearms, self-defense, verbal judo, motivational interviewing, mental health first aid, Montana courts and criminal law, and more. DCC welcomed a full line-up of instructors comprised of local law enforcement experts such as Dawson County District Attorney Brett Irigoin, Dawson County Sheriff Deputy Brett Hoagland, Dawson County Correctional Facility Sargent Larry Gaede, Montana Health Network Representative Chris Williams, Prairie County Sheriff Keifer Lewis, Montana Highway Patrol Officer Joel Gramm, DCC Criminal Justice Instructor Rick SyWassink and more.

Dawson Community College plans to host more Pre-Trial Services and Misdemeanor Probation Basic Courses, as well as other similar law enforcement training programs. This first graduating class will serve as an advisory board to improve the course and curriculum.

For more information about the Pre-Trial Services and Misdemeanor Probation Basic Course, or other Law Enforcement programs at DCC, contact Katy Peterson, Dawson Community College Director of Marketing and Public Relations, at 406-377-9444 or, or visit