Dawson Community College Experiences More Enrollment Growth

Dawson Community College is proud to once again report enrollment growth for the 2021 spring semester. This marks the seventh consecutive spring semester of increased enrollment. 

At 659 students, Spring 2021 headcount enrollment is up a massive 40% from 462 students during the Spring 2020 semester and 49% from 441 students during the Spring 2019 semester. Headcount is the total number of students enrolled in courses.

Of these 659 students, 25% are Dual Enrollment students, who are high school students taking classes either on campus at DCC, online through DCC, or from their high school instructor as a DCC student. “Dual Enrollment is a great option for high schoolers to earn college credit, and DCC is proud to offer this opportunity to Montana students.” said Interim Dean of Enrollment Sarah North Wolfe.

Additionally, DCC reports full-time equivalency (FTE) growth of 32%, from 278 in Spring 2020 to 366.8 for Spring 2021. Montana Resident FTE is up 16% over Spring 2020, and Winter Intersession courses, whose enrollment counts toward spring numbers, helped increase nonresident FTE by 207%. Full-time equivalency (FTE) is a calculation showing how many students would be attending if all were enrolled full time. The Montana University System counts each 15 credits taken as 1 FTE. 

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