President's Honors List - Fall 2021

Dawson Community College has released the names of students who have been honored for academic excellence during Fall semester 2021.

To qualify for inclusion on the President's Honors List students must carry a minimum of 12 semester credits and have a grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. High honors - 3.75 to 4.0, Honors 3.5 to 3.74.

Simon Johnson, High Honors, Brighton, Colorado

Jackson Eckert, High Honors, Denver, Colorado

Bradie Strang, Honors, Fort Collins, Colorado

Maleia Schaap, Honors, Littleton, Colorado

Francisco Rivera, High Honors, Haines City, Florida

Dallin Garner, Honors, Nampa, Idaho

Nathan Burdette, Honors, Shawnee, Kansas

Isabelle Buhr, High Honors, Cheboygan, Michigan

Emily Curtis, High Honors, Foster City, Michigan

Olivia Williams, Honors, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Braedon Sawyer, High Honors, Anaconda, Montana

Wesley Caldwell, Honors, Billings, Montana

Benton Carlson, High Honors, Billings, Montana

Connor Chase, High Honors, Billings, Montana

Skyler Meagher, High Honors, Billings, Montana

James Springer, Honors, Billings, Montana

Grace Zeier, Honors, Billings, Montana

Spencer Jonas, High Honors, Bozeman, Montana

Jenna Kallevig, High Honors, Bridger, Montana

Minette Kappes, High Honors, Butte, Montana

Olivia Fletes, High Honors, Circle, Montana

Jaden Haynie, High Honors, Circle, Montana

Haydin Henschel, High Honors, Clancy, Montana

Rhianna Hawkins, High Honors, Eureka, Montana

Mark Haas, Honors, Florence, Montana

Eleanor Meeks, Honors, Geraldine, Montana

Jesse Beach, Honors, Glendive, Montana

Britta Brenner, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Douglas Buscho, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Alyssa Chaska, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

David Crighton, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Kade Hellman, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Kaylyn Hellman, Honors, Glendive, Montana

Kathleen Jones Morris, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Keegan Mires, Honors, Glendive, Montana

RyLeigh Mittelstaed, Honors, Glendive, Montana

Steven Myhre, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Spencer Nelson, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Shelby Schneider, Honors, Glendive, Montana

Evan Sullivan, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Stevie Cullinan, High Honors, Glendive, Montana

Glenna Finkbeiner, High Honors, Grass Range, Montana

Natalie Edgar, Honors, Hardin, Montana

Tori Marty, High Honors, Hardin, Montana

Peyton Mullanix, Honors, Hathaway, Montana

Lauren Archie, High Honors, Helena, Montana

Madison Davis, Honors, Helena, Montana

Madee Moses, High Honors, Helmville, Montana

Brianna Bergum, High Honors, Judith Gap, Montana

Joshua Richards, High Honors, Laurel, Montana

Trey Dempewolf, Honors, Lindsay, Montana

Isaac Richardson, Honors, Manhattan, Montana

Gabrielle Fought, High Honors, Missoula, Montana

Jake Weyers, High Honors, Plains, Montana

Jonah DuCharme, Honors, Polson, Montana

Kaden Heller, High Honors, Reed Point, Montana

William Ullery, High Honors, Reed Point, Montana

Laurel Sponheim, High Honors, Richey, Montana

Aidan Fishell, Honors, Scobey, Montana

Charles Kruer, High Honors, Sheridan, Montana

Kaitlynn Deering, High Honors, Stevensville, Montana

Joe Griswold, High Honors, Sumatra, Montana

Dustin Dalke, Honors, Three Forks, Montana

Kinzee Howey, High Honors, Three Forks, Montana

Abigail Hecker, High Honors, Wibaux, Montana

Sabrina Kinsey, Honors, Wibaux, Montana

Sarah Gunkel, Honors, Golva, North Dakota

Jessica Stevens, High Honors, Creighton, Nebraska

Ty Yurkovich, High Honors, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Tee McAmis, High Honors, Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Cody Cleveland, High Honors, Woodway, Texan

Tia Washington, Honors, Logan, Utah

Laci Leishman, Honors, Millville, Utah

Akili Prince, High Honors, Saint George, Utah

Breana Hiatt, Honors, Stansbury Park, Utah

Mckenzie Harbison, High Honors, Vernal, Utah

Taylor Fischer, Honors, Gillette, Wyoming

Alissa West, Honors, Gillette, Wyoming

Tyler Massey, Honors, Lander, Wyoming

Nicklaus Ross, Honors, Rock Springs, Wyoming

Tyler Charette, High Honors ,Canada

Campbell Lyons, High Honors, Canada

Nathaniel Scragg, High Honors, Canada

Natalija Beleska, High Honors, Macedonia

Nolan Beugeling, High Honors, Netherlands

Samantha Jenkins, High Honors, New Zealand

Adrianna Ambroziak, High Honors, Poland


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