Recognizing National Agriculture Day and Week

It is National Agriculture Day! From today (3/21) through 3/27, it is also National Agriculture Week!

During this week, take a minute and think about agriculture, farmers, and ranchers. Agriculture through farming (i.e., the production of fruits, vegetables, and grains) and ranching (i.e., the production of meat and fibers), is a necessity and provides everyone with food, beverages, and clothes. The men and women in the agriculture community put their livestock and crops first, so the world can eat. With that being said, thank and pray for farmers and ranchers as they provide for the world!

At DCC, we are fortunate to have an Agriculture Program and several students who are farmers and ranchers! We want to recognize:

  • Walker Doman
  • David Bates
  • Shelby Huff
  • Peyton Hawtin
  • Abby Collen
  • Garett Diekhans 
  • Among many others!

Our Agriculture Program has hung up informational posters about beef and agriculture around our cafeteria and the school. They are also hosting a Jeopardy table on Friday, 3/24, in the main building. Stop by and test your knowledge and maybe learn a thing or two!

Our Agriculture Instructor, Makae Nack, shared one of her favorite quotes which is a great way to summarize this week's importance : "My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, and policeman, and a preacher. But everyday, three times a day you need agriculture." - Brenda Schoepp