General Studies

A degree in General Studies covers the basics of a college education. It’s a broadly-based degree program that demonstrates that you have the self-discipline and intelligence to work through a college-level program in a variety of subject areas. Your general studies degree can serve as a prerequisite for a professional career or as a stepping stone to a college degree in another discipline. You’ll develop a basic knowledge of classical studies and study a selection of electives in communications, liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and physical and life sciences. Many students pick a general studies degree as a way to earn credits while they decide on possible career or educational paths. If there are particular areas that you find interesting, incorporate them into your degree program.

General Education Common Core Requirements

The mission of General Education Core courses is to ensure a broad based general education to all DCC students regardless of their area of study. Students completing the requirements of the general education core will have met minimum competencies in broad based general education with abilities to:

  • Think, speak, and write effectively, and evaluate the oral and written expression of others;
  • Exercise and expand one’s own intellectual curiosity;
  • Think across areas of specialization and integrate ideas from a variety of academic disciplines and applied fields;
  • Develop an appreciation of the ways in which we gain and apply knowledge of the universe, society, and ourselves
  • Understand the experimental methods of the sciences as well as the creative approaches of the arts;
  • Develop an appreciation of other cultures as well as an understanding of global issues.

The Block Transfer Procedure

An undergraduate student who has completed the lower division coursework in an approved general education program at one of the institutions of the Montana University System and who transfers to another of those institutions will be deemed to have met the lower division general education requirements of the campus to which the student transfers (Montana Board of Regents 301.10).